Believe in yourself and dream big,

You will achieve all, like a bird on the twig.

The bird sitting on tree is never afraid,

She knows that strength of her wings so its not scared.

Stop focusing on problems, explore possibilities,

Finding solutions you will have many opportunities.

Don’t curtail your dream to fit in reality,

Upgrade your connection to match your destiny.

Never worry about, what others are doing,

Be focused on your goals and get going.

You know storms come to disrupt your life,

But I feel they come to clear your path to survive.

Define your dreams as your plan,

Apply best action, work as much as you can.

If people call you weak to with stand the storm,

You have to prove and whisper I am the storm.

Make efforts to improve yourself,

It’s better than delayed perfection of oneself.

Be on pursuit to set your life on desire,

Become a conscious effort burn the fire.

Train your mind to see good in everyone,

Refrain criticism, hatred, negativity in everyone.

Believe in choice, chance and change,

You will achieve all your dreams as arranged.

Don’t discuss your plans and dreams,

Work hard and show them even if difficult it seems.

What if I fall is your apprehension,

Think you can even fly, you need attention.

So sleep every day with a dream and purpose,

Make it happen in the morning as desirous.

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