If you wanted to be fine

Be close to people nine

The first should be like an eagle

Being silent but teaching you rule legal

An excited businessman riding on a space rocket with exhaust and smoke plume trailing out the end of the rocket. The rocket is high above earth, with clouds below, about to enter into orbit. Vantage point is high enough to see the curvature of the earth.

Your ambitions can be rocket high

Like eagle you can touch the sky

Second person has focus concentrated

He can shoot the bull’s eye well operated

He will teach you various roles

How to focus on your goals

Third is a person with gratitude

Be humble but don’t leave your attitude

Fourth is always a giver

Sharing and caring as a lover

Fifth is a person with self esteem

Working with pride in a team

Sixth is a person who is affectionate

For his working he is always passionate

Seventh is always easy to find

Work with person having open mind

Eighth is full for life and energy

Teaching to accept life with synergy

Ninth keeps you always activated

They are the hero, who are motivated

So be surrounded with people nine

You will be successful full of shine

Ready to face all the challenge

Solving problem from every range

Improve every day, all your short coming

You will be addicted to this habit welcoming

Adopt, adore all good in life

 The nine qualities will help you to succeed and survive

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