People say no gains without pains

Search for an umbrella when it rains

Pain is a possible attitude in negative situation

It reflects your strength in as declaration

Walk confidently in all your sufferings

Keep your pain and gratitude in god’s offering

Do not trust what you perceive

Even salt looks like sugar you see

Learn all your lesson from your mistake

Improve yourself like icing on cake

Progress is impossible without a change

So be the change don’t derange

Be strong willed and have active participation

Keeping yourself happy in anticipation

Stitch all your problems and iron them well

Hide them in your courage, nothing to tell

Enrich your experience and never be shy

Your morale money can never buy

There is never a moment perfect in life

Make moment perfect and learn to survive

Never stop learning from your mistakes

Because life never stops teaching, there are no retakes

Forget your past, live your present

There may be some patches, in moon’s crescent

Never stop, you can just pause

Rethink of the new road leave no cause

Good things come only to those who believe

Overcome your suffering soon you will achieve

Pains always have two phase

One trusts you, other always chase

The birds sits on a branch is not afraid of its breaking

Because it believes in its strong wings and flight breathtaking

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