Learning needs no classroom walls,

Walk in the woods, listen to the whispers of trees tall.

With music in your ears,

You can enjoy life for years.

Nature is the best school,

Life teaches lessons cool.

The deep rooted teach you to be firm on ground,

Never be rude, painful it sounds.

The trees shed leaves in every season,

Still they are not worried with this reason.

After every dark night is a brighter day,

Bad times will change the nature say.

A seed grows with no sound,

It teaches us to work quietly, success will be loud.

Not every storm disrupts your life,

Some come to clear your path and help you to survive.

Walk through the forest and share your secrets,

The trees are the best friends, that god can create.

Travel to various places of the world and look,  

Else you will read only one page of life’s book.

Mountains are high and teach you to aspire,

Climbing them you can conquer your dreams and desire.

Count your blessings in your life,

Feng Shui destructive cycle. Five elements

Enjoying nature’s elements five.

Beyond class rooms is a world novice,

You can learn with your pace and your choice.

Life is the greatest teacher with lesson hard,

You take all examinations, with passing report card.

Remember until the lion learns how to write,

The hunter will glorify showing his might.                                           

Distress yourself and learn to respond,

Not every class is for you, don’t run on the bell sound.

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