Work day one when you want success,

Close all distraction access.

Have a do-list and set your schedule,

Prepare all your work day before, as a rule.

Challenge your self day to day,

Overcome all hurdles, your work shall pay.

Every day may not be good,

But there is good in every day, you have to understand.

Be observant, explore things around you,

Learn from others experience and wisdom, examples few.

Weigh the achievements and mistakes you made,

Measure your work, improve with internal raid.

Write your goals it helps you to discipline,

The thinking tank analyzes, helping you to win.

At times your work will be chaotic,

But soon you will improve, mature and be systematic.

Master the art of time management,

Your reflective action will be Spontaneous, learning adjustment.

Work smarter not harder, utilize your time,

Glorifying busy, with no result is not fine.

When you have clean goals,

Plan your strategy, there shall be no falls.

People often dream big destination,

But postponing the work is goal assassination.

Gear up be a go getter, and be focused,

Energize yourself, self directed not loosing the locus.

Prioritize your goals and schedule your task,

With the toughest one first, no help you ask.

Stop multitasking, work on one goal,

Else you have to refocus, tiring your soul.

Spend time with best utility in one shot,

You will have all success, on your planned plot.

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