How can we keep positive attitude?

Well dream big and be on highest altitude.

Remember pain is always part of growing,

You will reap crops of seeds you were sowing.

Worrying and gambling is will not change anything,

Try to overcome, solving problems and troubles life planning.

Every experience and scar is your strength,

You have healed the wound, moving extra length.

When you struggle you move forward,

Negative attitude will push you backward.

Your moving forward will motivate others,

How you succeed will be everyone’s bothers.

In the dark if you don’t find the sunshine,

Be the sunshine and the path will be fine.

If you see someone not smiling,

Give them, yours and keep smiling.

Don’t use the energy of others and live,

Be the energy yourself, ready to give.

At times you may loose with no reason,

Think of the trees who shed leaves, and wait for another season.

You are responsible for all your positive act,

Be responsible, using wisdom before you react.

Never follow masses in unknown direction,

Remember M is silent times, use discretion.

 Keep positive attitude and read the next chapter,

You trust the almighty as the best author.

Become a leader and people will follow you,

Even if you have no title or position, believing in you.

If you dislike someone’s attitude leave them alone,

Don’t recruit others to join your thought and mourn.

Positive attitudes are contagious,

Spread them worldwide be audacious.

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