Fight all anxiety

Bring all your positivity

Grow all the positive vibes

Good practice you always subscribe

Don’t immerse in puddle of sorrow

Attempt to get good practice, you borrow

Never disbelieve or underestimate

Be confident, of your success and validate

Recreate your own story

Unlearn, Relearn, enjoy your glory

Read every page of your life

Remembering past moments how you survive?

Like catalyst every experience will enhance

Your ability to cope up in every chance

Vaporize all ill feeling and be strong

Businesswoman with muscly arms in concrete interior. Confidence and power concept

Condensing all stress and all that was wrong

Balance your present with future goals

Be the fulcrum in all your roles

Be fit to undergo all the turbulence

Make your presence visible and your influence

Learn the Darwin’s theory with the survival of the fittest

Fighting all odds and the mightiest

Yell in the mountain let your success echo

Exhaling all negative thoughts let go

Life is full of twist and turn

Be energetic, calories you burn

As you learn each chapter of life

You will learn the art to survive

Each page teaches you important stage

Enact the best, in every phase

Enjoy small accomplishments

Soon you will have bouquet of compliments  

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