Proud to be a woman

I am a woman, I am proud to be

Oh men you propose, bend on your knee

I love being what I am

I can rule the world, you know I can

Years have passed when you had your say

But we have outshined, price we pay

We have the qualities and the secret lies

Oh! We have transformed as time flies

Though I am not slim and model size

But I am a mother, the truth lies

I am unable to walk on ramp in heels

But I have fed you my milk, see the reels

And my face is lit up in motherhood grace

I may not be a model in the race

I had many sleepless nights

Nursing you in fever, begging for you, no fights

Cooking and baking your favourite food

For giving you always when you were rude

As a housewife I did all my job

In this struggle my beauty was rob

Never did I demand any casual leave

I tried to work for all your relief

I washed your clothes and made your bed

You never bothered, why I was sad

The only thing I want from you

Your love, your attention and you

I want to say acknowledge with a smile

Oh! Men we want to live in style

I am always mild and never loud

Men you should love and respect us and be proud.

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