What is a scar?

A closed wound from far

No one can feel the pain

All your efforts to hide is in vain

The scar has a story to tell

Someone inflicted the wound all was not well

Like brave soldier to fought

In all bad situations you were caught

But you did fight the situations

Making no excuses no explanations

When the wound closes it leaves the scar

It your journey struggle so far?

Every wound reminds you of your victory

Defeating all hurdles you made a history

At times the scars take time to vanish

Their presence you don’t relish

But remember they are medals

You have been winner on all saddle

Life is always teaching us a lesson

Each time we learn the burden lessen

After all you are the officer of your life

Hire, fire, promote and survive

Learn to perform under pressure

You should enjoy, its your pleasure

Don’t follow your instinct and stand in queue

Be confident the magic is in you

Be sure of your life don’t complicate

You are original don’t replicate

Beware of those who are conspiring

Be a model you are inspiring

Be positive confidence you enhance

Every day in life is a second chance