Children are lost in the virtual world

Watching the TV, net all so curled

We as parents get really upset

Unable to control nothing set

Make efforts to teach them discipline

Early checking is always simple

Engage children in lots of sports

They will grow healthy, says reports

Fix time for screen two to three hours

They should follow no relation sour

A little policing on rules to be made

No extra time under the shade

The virtual world has made them weak

No conversation, no relation they seek

With mutual agreement screen time you designate

Monitor well, so they reciprocate

As parents don’t nag or shout

They will obey, if rules are stout

Sometime we loose our cool

When we see kids breaking the rule

Give quality time to your child

Walk, jump, play just go wild

For screen be their partner of knowledge

Children will learn and acknowledge

Be friendly and patient as a trend

Children with love you as new friend

The world is changing in virtual world

We have to expand not coiled

Love your children and let them grow

They will love and respect they will show.

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