Self improvement

If you want success in life

Learn to follow mantras to survive

Stop making comparison

Love yourself, live your passion

Be healthy and late for rest and sleep

Eradicate all negative thought & belief

Adopt all healthy habit and meditate

Father and daughter practicing yoga

Wakeup early, eat healthy, manipulate

Wait for none to validate

Enjoy each win and celebrate

Don’t be hungry for quest of perfection

Do your best for your own satisfaction

Pardon yourself for your failure

It’s the first step of success as survivor

Meet people and try to connect

Exchanging views, company don’t neglect

Plan your positive goals

Work hard in all roles

With comparison and humanity

You can win with your simplicity

You will make your place

Your success will reserve your space

Hydrate your views and see the change

You will be appreciate a from all the range

Never let anyone hurt your self respect

Be confident, see and win all aspects

Transformation is always self willed

Changing for good, evil killed.

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