Smile the world is looking at you

When you shed tears you have friends few

So hide your tears as much as you can

Smile less or more but you do have fan

Winning the struggle in powerful attempt

Don’t listen to criticism and their contempt

Smile is a wonderful gesture to acknowledge

Let your haters be jealous of your knowledge

You look beautiful when smile with hidden tears

Oh what confidence on a face you wear

Wait for the right moment and just smile

Success is bound to come just wait for a while

Add life and vigour to each day

Remember patience always pay

Don’t ponder what people have to say

That’s none of your business, just pray

Love and hate is people’s choice

You keep doing your work, don’t hear their voice

Take revenge by remaining happy and smile

Let your haters be worried for a while

Be prepared that you will always be fine

Even if rejected, you will be kind

Don’t have fear as it’s just an illusion

Be brave to face the world with firm resolution

Believe me if you are confident and brave

You will enjoy your life and will save

The body can do almost all that you want

So enjoy your deeds and just flaunt

Empower yourself to the best capability

People will applaud and bow you ability

Enjoy your haters as makers of your destiny

Be proud of your achievement as your testimony.

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