Have trust in yourself,

Be strong, never take help.

Always wear a pretty smile,

Look at the mirror for a while.

It’s not the outer beauty that will win,

Be positive, with an attitude within.

Take life as it comes,

You have many friends, choose some.

Do not worry about what people say,

You have to cross many hurdles and make your own way.

The sooner the better to learn,

Increase your abilities and earn.

Females are positive Blessings of God,

Respect yourself do not feel odd.

You are prettier and smarter than her,

Be confident and best you should wear.

Stop worrying about what people think about you,

Don’t discuss in group, don’t give them clue.

Laugh and smile and enjoy your life,

Don’t let people cut your joy with knife.

Be proud of yourself and give your best,

The Divine will take care of the rest.

Success will come, widen your range,

You will get your desired change.

Stay quiet at times and talk with yourself,

I am going to achieve all with no help.

If you want to be respected,

Be humble, that’s least expected.

Share and care the joy of living,

Spending some on others by giving.

No one can judge you or calibrate,

Forget their opinion they cannot be accurate.