I was looking for you since ages

Oh! I am a writer, look for me in pages

Often I am inspired by other’s stories

Writing about their glories

I breathe in the refills of my pen

That the place I live, my real den

Years have passed when I felt throttle

I swan in my blue ink bottle

Whenever I had nothing to say

I wrote and scribbled all my way

Every page had my painful past

Motivating me to future vast

You said you read and it was not clear

That was the time when I cried my vision blur

Years passed spiraling my pages

I printed all I had since ages

 My pain my anxiety by frustration

All written to save me from devastation

All the pinnacle of glory I wrote

Motivation speeches and bright quote

Often I wanted you to turn the page

Free me from my emotional cage

Days passed by but you never came

I consoled myself its all in the game

But night were dark and very cruel

I was afraid of its rule

You said you saw the book mark

Yes I was happy I got the spark

I heard the remark its blank and no end

Yes I will end my story when you hold my hand, hold my hand


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