I was born with an ambition

To get success in all condition

My efforts was to toil hard

Let success be on my card

The life was full of dreams

But to achieve was difficult it seams

The giant wheel of life had problem in every cable

Making my efforts disable

But the roller coaster of life did not stop

As I was ready to fill all the gap

Earning for family day and night

Even with suffering it was my fight

No one still understood

Though I played the role of Robin hood

Delighted to help all in need

Was my habit and my deed

I greyed my hair, now all white

Weak in marrow, cannot fight

Working for dear ones future bright

Till I leave the world, I am out of sight

Often I wonder the purpose of my life

Why do people conspire and knive

Have I done my little bit of share

I am still ready, can still dare

My worst experience is I am misunderstood

Though I have walked in darkest wood

My dear one at times fail

Oh god its difficult to sail

Walking though Tornado and tempest

Tried my best to win all contest

Now it’s time to sign my will

I want to leave, forgiving all who hate me still

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