Near my bed I saw a boy,

Always happy, like a toy.

He had so many stories to tell,

I often wondered he was sick or well.

He wrote in his diary,

A story of a fairy.

Often he played pranks,

I got afraid my heart sank.

He said he wants to be a pilot,

And fly in sky blue and violet.

He wanted to help his dad,

As soon as he was out of bed.

He wanted to cook for his mother,

Food in all weather.

He was an angel with no ………

What a lovely face fall of charm.

Whenever the doctor took a round,

He pretend to sleep with their sound.

He hated all medicines bitter,

And threw in rage, all wrappers litter.

I wanted to go home,

When it was not known.

He smiled at every new patient,

That was his style his patent.

Oh! Sir, you can take my room,

I will leave his bed soon.

It was 4 in the morning,

The sun had not started warming.

I found him in deep sleep,

His mother on bedside, I heard weep.

He had left for heavenly abode,

With terminal illness, he was cold.