We all want success in life,

But what is the magic? How to survive.

You have to work to realize your dreams,

Striving hard no matter how difficult it seems.

Your silence is the best weapon,

They don’t realize what will happen.

Train yourself to be better,

Not thinking that you are better.

Get fame and name, keep your goals high,

Till you don’t have to introduce yourself with a sigh.

Rewrite your own rules and win,

Changing for good is not a sin.

Keep working on your goals and yourself,

For your self and by yourself.

Remember you have to work and climb the ladder,

With your hands in pocket, you will not get the desired cadre.

Even when people are against you,

Turn around and move forward from the queue.

Don’t worry about blames and abuses,

Winner, never make any kind of excuses.

Be dedicated and be honest, but is expensive,

The cheap people will never gift you, being possessive.

Work hard, take challenges, climb yourself uphill,

The goal becomes easy with your will.

You will hear people talk behind your back,

Make sure they discuss your success story as they sack.

Work when they sleep, when they enjoy you pray,

Save when they spend, live life they dream every day.

Kill them with your success,

Life is a game, play to win, let them have no access.

Its ok when people don’t like you and detest,

Pity them, not everyone has a good taste.

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