The Republic Day Celebration 2020

Today is Republic day

A national festival people say

The tricolor indicates

Progress of India we celebrate

Saffron is a color to save the girls

From dishonor, promise as flag unfurls

White means a clean and clear heart

Away from dishonesty mark in the chart

The green is planting more tree

Make India become pollution free

The blue wheel with 24 spoke

Its progress ahead, history we wrote

But the affirmations are all fenced

All Indian remain tensed

For a day we make these pledge

Fading away in skating sledge

Lets work on Individual transformation

Making Indian with positive information

Why should we debate on religious issue?

Hindu and Muslim have same tissue

With issues like health and poverty

We should eradicate with clarity

Work and pledge for new innovation

India tomorrow with transformation

We have to fight all sustainable goals

Minister work in all your roles

Humanity is the crowing glory

Let Indian write a success story.

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