When should we be happy?

Leaving school and no more copy.

Are you happy after school?

No my dear, let me finish college, it’s not so cool.

I will be happy when I earn,

But with job, too much work, just no fun.

We will be happy after getting married,

Still not happy, kids make me worried.

I think I will be happy after promotion,

Oh big responsibility full of commotion.

Best time for me when my children get job,

I feel neglected, all their time is robbed.

To be happy, I think I need to be free,

But I am too preoccupied, no time for me.

Perhaps I will be happy when I retire,

Now I have no friends, no connected wire.

In this journey of life,

I have worked hard for kids and my wife.

There was no leisure no choice,

In busy schedule, I could not rejoice.

Now that its dusk of my life,

I have ailments medicines to survive.

I could have been happy in the past,

Now my meter of life running fast.

My days pass in various hospitals,

Young man lying in hospital with medical equipment and machinery next to the bed. Illness, health, recovery, rehabilitation.

With drips and many pills.

Never wait for happy moments,

Spend each day happily, no torments.

Every morning you wake up in gratitude,

Oh I am happy to breathe in solitude.

Be happy each day each night,

Life may sign out, you commute to infinite.

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