Trust your self

Hey guys believe in yourself

Don’t underestimate, take no help

Keep working hard in silence

Your success will make a noise getting you license

When you dream big and believe

Its easy to step towards goals and achieve

Don’t live in your past

Work for your future vast

Stop doubting yourself

Be confident, win self

Cross all your fear and insecurities

Reach your goal and possibilities

Say to your self I will not loose

Either I will win or learn in this life cruise

Don’t overreact and have negative response

Be positive and let the stress bounce

Change your mind set, and be your best

Don’t wait for awards, leave the rest

Fade your past and build your tomorrow

Celebrate your present, no moments your borrow

Dream big and build an empire

Success comes to people who aspire

Change your attitude and take right decision

Focused on your goals with precision

Failure is a lesson learnt and tried

Success is always a lesson applied

 The flame within you has a voice

Don’t hear the noise, make the right choice

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