Saturday, Sundays are fundays

We all wait for these weekends

Have free me time and unplug

Settling all days work like a slug

Refresh yourself and gain momentum

Going out for a weekend random

Give all your imagination adequate time

Singing songs going wild with your rhyme

Explore the earth and the nature

Listen to the singing bird and wild creature

Distress yourself and weave a story

Enjoy all your achievement and your glory

The natural air, water, sunshine you receive

Pay silent gratitude to all you perceive

Unplugging from routine is a remedy

Refreshing you making you future ready

Reinforce and re-evaluate

Reflect, relearn, recreate

Wake up early and start your day

Exercise, plan and have your say

Pamper your self, groom your transformation

Enjoy your company using positive information

Explore the nature and paint a canvas

You will be relaxed with joy in excess

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