Visualize the life you want to live,

Work towards your goals, what you want to give.

Remember if you can dream it, you can do it,

Conquer your fear and achieve bit by bit.

A step forward will being you nearer to your goals,

Small achievement, small celebrations its your call.

Convert all your hurdles and failures into power,

Forgiving your critics, discarding relations sour.

Be a magnet and attract good things,

Enjoy your peace and calm that it brings.

Action your vision to make them true,

It can change your world, a new you.

Start meditating and spread positivity,

Show your gratitude remove negativity.

Manifest and plan your road,

Leave all rust of life that corrodes.

Be fearless and set your soul on fire,

Believe in yourself to fulfil your desire.

Plan arranging, energetic realistic goals,

Jump out of your bed, every morning to catch the balls.

Imagine, visualize, recreate and cherish,

Without any vision your life will perish.

Your vision define you, and your existence,

A man of promise, foresighted with persistence.

All leaders can perceive the invisible,

They have the power to conceive all feasible.

 Sharpen your think tank and do your best,

Competing with yourself leaving the rest.

Vision is just a faith in you,

Completing it with action that you sew.

Vision is seeing what is invisible?

Aspiring, achieving with conviction is possible.

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