Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Do your task, everyday,

Complete your do list day to day.

Yesterday you said tomorrow,

Oh! Another day you want to borrow.

The rule of life is to keep your table clean,

Finish all your work, piling file should not be seen.

The dreams always come true,

When you believe in strength in you.

Failure prove that you are attempting,

Keep trying your best avoid contemplating.

Set your goals and avoid distraction,

Feed your focus and success attraction.

Remember your hard work will be silent,

You will realize all your dreams that were violent.

Never be afraid to take the first foot forward,

You will make your path, don’t worry if awkward.

The perception is to get to your destination,

With all excitement and power retention.

 Delays always causes anxiety,

You will queue your work, asking help from almighty.

Hard times are always blessings in disguise,

Let go, strengthen your life, be wise.

So adopt the today policy and work,

Don’t give excuses and shirk.

Thinking and doing are two different things,

So be go-getter, escalate and fly with your wings.

Human life is relatively short,

Promise not to delay or you will be caught.

At times we delay due to our own apprehension,

Utilize you time productively, that life has sanction.

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