You are extraordinary

There is no room for self doubt

Believe in yourself with strength stout

Nourish the burning desire

Disconnecting all negative wire

Congrats you are just doing great

Hey pause a little, take a break

Review your last monthly hacks

Read a positive books lying in your rack

There is difference between living and surviving

Learn the art of accepting life and art of giving

I know you will not close your goal a terminator

You have the spark, the desire be the illuminator

Use your self learning as a fuel to drive

Learn to consume the goodness a mantra of survive

Don’t wait for appreciation, hugs or curdle

Alone you are capable of crossing all hurdles

Your desire, your goals, your strategy associate

Success come easily, you can see action resonate

Many mistakes and failures you have to confess

Colour all your ambitions in your life’s canvas

Efforts are fruitful if you exercise

Its the best way to succeed once you harmonize

Sincere goals turn months into days and hours

All can be propelled they don’t seem far

Once you are clear and planned all the process

You are bound to achieve, all the success

So you learn from the past

Oh! Your learning for future will be vast

Once you are equipped, sign your story

Your autograph will be unique you will be extraordinary 

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